Shining light on Bad credit mobile phones

Before the advent of bad credit mobile phones in the UK, a customer with a poor credit rating found the going tough getting approved for a phone contract. Mobile phone providers in the UK rarely glanced at an application twice, especially if a person had a less than average credit score. While getting a phone contract back then was an uphill task, the situation has drastically changed for the better. The unveiling and subsequent popularity of bad credit mobile phones ushered in a new era in so far as mobile phone contracts were concerned. Read more about this at InstantMobile.

Getting a phone contract with bad credit was no longer a herculean task but as simple as taking a walk in the park. The situation was further made simple with the mushrooming of bad credit mobile phone providers across the UK keen on bringing on board customers with a poor credit rating. At last, what was once a headache for those with a poor credit rating became a walk in the park. All that UK customers with a poor credit rating had to do was simply search for the right provider and enjoy the benefits that come with having a cheap contract phone.


The major selling point for bad credit mobile phones was to do with the fact that applicants did not have to worry about credit checks as you will learn further on the homepage of this site. In the past, before bad credit mobile phones were a reality, the biggest impediment to getting approved were credit checks. What this meant is that those with a poor credit rating found themselves in a tight spot as getting approved for a phone contract was a long shot. There was no such thing as getting approved if one had a history of CCJs or defaults. The situation back then was rather bleak and gloomy.

However, this situation was not permanent as the unveiling of bad credit mobile phones changed the mobile phone contracting industry forever. The mental anguish that characterized application of a mobile phone contract became a thing of the past and individuals from all walks of life could now take solace in the fact that their credit score status does not determine their worth. With this new development, there was a need for individuals to be educated on how to increase their chances of getting approved for a phone contract.


While having a poor credit rating did not hinder a person’s efforts to get approved for a phone contract, it surely had a negative impact on the perks they enjoyed under the same. It was, therefore, cognizant for individuals to learn some of the factors that made their credit score low as well as how to rectify the situation. Efforts were put in place to enlighten UK customers on the need to regularly check their credit reports with the goal of identifying any errors of omission and rectifying the same in good time. In fact, having a poor credit rating could be as a result of an error which if checked regularly could save a person a lot of trouble and ensure that they enjoyed great perks under their contracts!

Choosing the right mobile phone deal/plan

You only need to look around you to appreciate that mobile phones are mandatory in our lives. Be it on a bus, in a park, in an entertainment area or any other place you can think of, the reality of the matter is that people are always busy with their phones. Some are just chatting with friends through text messages, others are playing their favourite games, others are responding to work related emails, while others are busy on social media and instant messaging apps just to mention but a few. What all these point to is the fact that mobile phones are mandatory in our day to day lives.


The advances in technology have seen the proliferation of mobile phones every day. Of course, at times we might not have the finances or the budget to buy the phones we yearn for. It is for this reason that mobile phone contracts gained immense popularity over the years. You get to own a handset of your choice and make payments for it over a predetermined period of time. In essence, a mobile phone contract ensures that you own a brand new phone while enjoying a preset number of minutes, text messages, and data bundles not to forget a number of other benefits.

The key to choosing the right mobile phone plan or deal is to ensure that you fully understand your phone usage. Most of the time, individuals apply for a mobile phone contract without understanding this. The end result is that they find themselves with a plan that is overly expensive or simply one where they do not exhaust the minutes, data bundles or texts that they have been allocated. To avoid such a scenario the best course of action would be to ask your provider for a statement detailing your phone usage. What you find out from that statement should be the guiding factor when applying for a phone contract.

If you are a heavy internet user or text heavily instead of making phone calls, you should consider applying or negotiating for yourself a deal that reflects your phone usage habits. Do not be in a rush to apply for a contract because everyone else is joining the bandwagon. Understand that people have different phone usage habits and there is no one plan fits all as you might have been misled to believe. Once you understand your phone usage needs, find out the right provider to offer you the service. Different providers offer different cheap phone contract services and therefore it’s essential to settle for one that best reflects your needs.


Most important of all, do not be in a rush to apply for a phone contract. Ensure that you carry out due diligence before committing yourself to a long-term contract. For one, find out how professional a given provider is, the cost of their mobile phone contracts, the benefits for a given phone contract, the option for an upgrade and so on and so forth.

How can you get out of a phone contract?

In essence, the major disadvantage about a phone contract has to do with the difficulty in getting out especially if you are locked in for a prolonged period of time. It becomes increasingly difficult to cut back on expenses and the worst of all is that providers tend to charge hefty fees should you decide to opt out. You, therefore, need to ask the hard questions when negotiating for a contract of your choice. Find out if your provider will allow you to downgrade to an option that costs less should you experience financial difficulties and so on and so forth.


Are cheap contract phones for everyone?

You probably have heard the phrase that cheap is expensive. We live in a world where the affluent members of society flock to social media just to show off their latest toys. In fact, to this clique of individuals, sporting the latest iPhone 6s or Samsung S7 is what life is all about. It’s what makes the difference between the men and the boys. So invested are people in this kind of show that those who simply can’t afford the lifestyle have taken to living a lie. We borrow expensive phones just to take a pic with them and show on social media. We lie to ourselves that we live the ultimate life when all that we are doing is simply faking it till we make it.

Unfortunately, most people view cheap contract phones as designed for poorer members of society. This is, without a doubt, an incorrect argument and one which must be demystified in the strongest terms possible. Cheap contract phones do not in any way lower a person’s class but rather serve to make their lives better while enjoying the best perks and features. As such, to answer the question that the above title poses, cheap contract phones are indeed for everyone.

The reality of the matter is that what one person considers cheap might actually be the most expensive deal for another. UK individuals from different walks of life have different economic capabilities which essentially means that one might find the latest Samsung S7 to be cheap while to another, such a phone is simply beyond their reach. Cheap contract phones were unveiled for the sole purpose of levelling the playing field. They were unveiled to ensure that each and every single UK citizen can apply and get approved for a phone contract without feeling as if they are second-class citizens.

The idea behind the unveiling of cheap contract phones was in essence designed to ensure that contract phones were easily accessible to everyone irrespective of their social status, budget or their tastes and preferences. Nowadays, you simply need to search the term “cheap contract phones” and you will be surprised at the number of results you receive. There are indeed unlimited UK providers ready and willing to offer these phones to everyone. All that a person needs to do is simply short list what they want in a contract, the perks they anticipate, the features, the cost of the contract, the ability to make payments without straining themselves financially and so on and so forth.


With hard economic conditions, we all are seeking for contract phones that are affordable and ones that will enable us to save some money. I mean, it would be foolhardy for a huge chunk of a person’s salary to go into phone contract payments. As such, even those who feel as if they can afford the most expensive contracts there is on the market fully understand the importance of cheap phone contracts. It simply doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, your job title or your tastes and preferences. The reality of the matter is that cheap contract phones are for everyone!

What do you really consider as a cheap contract phone?

From time immemorial, the belief has been that the total summation of a cheap contract phone is the amount of money a person pays on a monthly basis for their contract. The fallacious belief has been that so long as you pay a fair amount of money as your obligation monthly, you are indeed in for a good deal. Unfortunately, the devil is usually in the details. We are going to look at some of the things that might make you think a contract is cheap while in essence there is nothing cheap about it.


When we talk about perks, we are essentially looking at what you stand to benefit when you apply and get approved for a contract phone. The amount of money you pay a given contract on a monthly basis might be cheap but a far cry compared to the benefits that you receive under the contract. How many minutes do you enjoy in a given month? How many texts as well data bundles do you receive? Are there any gifts, any promotions or special features? Cheap contract phones are not about the fee you pay in a month but rather about how the perks fair with the rate you ultimately pay.

Contract length

It is an open secret that the longer the contract period, the less the amount of money a person pays on a monthly basis. While this might seem like a great deal, it does not in any way mean that a contract phone is cheap. The fact that you cannot get out of a contract as and when you want because of contract length or simply because the charges for opting out earlier is heftier should be able to tell you a different story. Cheap contract phones do not make customers feel as if they are slaves but rather value them and make them feel appreciated.

Option for upgrade

Is the option for an upgrade laden with hefty fees or bureaucracy? Do you feel as if your provider swindled you into signing for a contract on the pretext that it’s cheap and offers the best while it’s actually the opposite of what you thought? Have your efforts to get an upgrade to another plan been met with clauses that you didn’t know of when you were signing the contract? Have you all of a sudden realized that for you to get an upgrade you need to pay hefty fees? Well, such a contract cannot be deemed as cheap when it’s actually squeezing the life out of you.


So what’s a cheap phone contract all about?

Well, cheap phone contracts should be about value for money. It’s all about feeling appreciated and enjoying the perks falling under the contract. It’s all about getting an upgrade without having to pay hefty fees or feeling as if you have to wait till the last 3 months of your contract for you to get an upgrade. It’s all about getting excellent services from a provider that respects and values you as a customer.